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  • Db2Xml structure generator with Xsl  v.1.0Generates XML containing database tables structure and allows easy XSLT sheet application using the gui ...
  • Exodus CMS  v.1.0Exodus CMS is intended to be a small, secure, scalable CMS that produces standards-complaint markup and is SEO-friendly.Planned features include plugin support and themeable pages.Planned plugins include RSS feeds as well as XML Sitemap support.
  • Parallel Compositing Benchmark Framework  v.1.0The ParCompMark (Parallel Compositing Benchmark) framework allows simulating various CPU, GPU exercises, rendering and compositing modes for different software scenarios. It uses the PC (Parallel Compositing) API and generates XML output.
  • Phorpay - A Paymentech SDK for PHP  v.1.0A PHP interface/SDK for Paymentech's Orbital payment processing gateway. Validates credit card details, generates XML requests and parses XML responses. Support for storing future-fulfillment and split-shipment transactions.
  • Esqueditor  v.1.0Esqueditor: a simple yet powerful web application that creates document definitions. Generates XML Schema from a web wizard.
  • Inspyder Sitemap Creator  v.4.0.2Need an easy to use sitemap generator? Inspyder Sitemap Creator is the fastest way to create your Sitemap. It's easy to use, has no page limits and no server installation required! Download this sitemap generator today!
  • Planet Sitemap Creator 2007 Pro  v.1.0# Sitemaps in various format ( XML, HTML, Text) # Keyword supported HTML sitemap # Specify criteria in Sitemap Configuration for the links to be included/excluded # Run more than one Sitemap Generation Process simultaneously # Pause / Resume the ...
  • RTSoftwares Sitemap Generator  v.1.0RTSoftwares Sitemap Generator 1.0 is one of the most marvelous web design tool that generate HTML/TXT sitemap. Sitemap generated by sitemap generator is robots.txt compatible. Easy-to-use sitemap generator for Web masters. One click sitemap ...
  • XML Menu  v.1.14XML Menu 1.14 is regarded as a simple to use, yet considerable web menu builder that uses XML to describe menu content and CSS to describe menu presentation (look and feel). XML Menu is powered by AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML). Search engine ...
  • Deva xFTP  v. xFTP is a Professional smart FTP Client software that integrated CA Center, Web Link Checker,Sitemap Generator and HTML/xHTML Validator Webmaster tools.
  • IntelliMapper  v.2.5IntelliMapper is intelligent sitemapping software that makes it super easy to create perfect XML sitemaps quickly & easily that can be submitted to Google, Yahoo!, MSN and Ask. * Easy-to-use wizard system helps you create a site map in minutes. * ...
  • Django-static-sitemaps  v.1.2.0There are times when your site is too big to serve the sitemap.
  • Sothink Tree Menu  v.2.9Creates DHTML tree menu easily, with NO JS experience required. Its high compatibility supports most browsers, including Firefox 2.0 and Opera 9. It supports Windows Vista (SP1). It works well with Dreamweaver, Expression Web, FrontPage and Golive.
  • Ferrite Platform  v.1.4Tool for automating text manipulation, conversion and data extraction. Easy-to-use filters for common tasks including adding/removing margins, headers, regular expression search/replace, etc. Manipulate tabular data, export in XML/CSV format, etc.
  • Baum Menue  v.2.9It creates tree menu easily, with NO JS experience required. Its high compatibility supports most browsers, including Firefox 2.0 and Opera 9. It supports Windows Vista (SP1). It works within Dreamweaver, Expression Web, FrontPage and Golive ...
  • Deluxe Tuner  v. Tuner is a GUI that gives you the full control over creation and customization of Deluxe Menu. It has a user-friendly interface that allows you to create drop down menu easily and in no time. Be you a beginner or a professional at ...
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